Kompetensi dari Design Lead

Yoel Sumitro
3 min readSep 8, 2021


Ada banyak definisi dari fungsi dan tujuan design lead. Ada yang bilang buat ngurusin people, process, and purpose. Ada yang bilang kalau leadership di design itu tentang kreativitas. Ada juga yang bilang kalau leadership di design itu tentang 2 hal saja: ngurusin motivasi dan hard skill.

Dari beberapa fungsi di atas, gw jadi berpikir tentang emang apa aja sih kompetensi dari design lead? Ada banyak contoh di internet dari design team yang sharing career path dan core competencies untuk design lead. Tapi gw kepikiran untuk sharing kompetensi yang menurut gw penting dari design lead melalui cara yang unik ini: gw bakal rangkum dari performance review yang gw tulis ke manager2/design lead gw.

Biasanya sekali dalam setiap 6 bulan gw harus menuliskan performance review buat manager2 gw. Di performance review itu gw akan menuliskan what they are good at and the things they need to improve at. Nah gw bakal distill dari section “what they are good at” untuk jadi kompetensi dari design lead. Tapi gw bakal copy paste langsung dari perf review yang gw tulis, here are 13 of it.

  1. Cultivates Culture: He did really care about building good culture in the team and tried to create some initiatives for it. He focused on creating an environment where healthy productive and creative working behaviors thrives
  2. Maintains focus: I saw X has been consistently planning, prioritizing, and managing focus across design projects. He drove results and productivity and ensured the projects be impactful.
  3. Awareness: Can be too aware sometime! lol. He has good self-awaraness and turns that awareness into an action. Although I also see that he creates and holds boundaries for his own wellbeing.
  4. Builds connection: She could develop meaningful relationships with her team members. She had high emotional intelligence and excellent listening skills.
  5. Create partnership: She also excels in cultivating cooperative relationship with cross functional teams and leaders. She could manage conflicts effectively
  6. Discipline: X leads from a place of consistency and integrity. He demonstrated attention to details, prioritization, focus, decisiveness, and follow-through.
  7. Develops process: He masters in developing iteratively on processes that help deliver on our mission and ensure excellence.
  8. Authenticity: X leads from a place of authenticity, consistency, and integrity, He aligns his leading principles with his values. He exhibits comfort being him selves in a range of context. This authenticity will help him to inspire change, create a narrative, or build cultures
  9. Resilience: He remains effective in the face of adversity and bounces back from setbacks the team experienced a few months ago.
  10. Defines craft quality: X has been doing great in defining what “good” craft looks like by establishing a bar for execution. I hope he can further explain the principles behind those decisions. He also has a high standard for design quality and has been spearheading our attempt to improve the visual eyes skill of the design leads.
  11. Architect org: He has helped me in building a shared identity and purpose for the team. Developed org structures, career paths, and roles.
  12. Inspires change: He has the mastery to influence others across all levels of an org to gather support and momentum for ideas by being thoughtful on the existing power and social dynamics.
  13. Drives decisions: He also makes bold decisions, comfortably navigates complexity and tradeoffs to make rapid and critical decisions. He knows how to delegate the decision making process.



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